Kat, The Robot Cat Arduino brain,a 3d printed body skeleton

Kat, the robotic cat, Arduino, 3d printed, Ian B Dunne, Science shows

Kat, the robotic Cat. No pictures do him justice. I made this little friend for a particular show but he now accompanies me pretty often because he is so popular, all the kids want to stroke him!

He interacts and generally is a joy, as well as an occasional pain, just like a real cat but with out all the inconvenience of feeding and the rest and at the end of the day I can turn him off and back on, not like a real one.

We even have a card trick we can do together.

An ultrasonic sensor and a host of servos, a few leds, and you too can have an electronic pet.

Here is a short video of him in action

Kat, the robotic cat, Ian B Dunne, Science shows

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