Doodle Science - January 2018

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Sikhote Alin

Meteorite, a bit from my collection, Sikhote Alin, this chunk of iron fell to earth on the 12th of February 1947 along with about 70 tons of other bits and spread it's self over about 300 square kilometres. no body seems to have been hurt but it is the best recorded fall. Not to be confused with the Tunguska event

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for January

2nd of January 1860 ~The planet Vulcan is announced in Paris, it did not really exist.

4th of 1643 ~ Isaac Newton was born. So he was a Capricorn.

7th 1610 ~ Galileo starts finding the moons of Jupiter

8th year uncertain ~ My birthday

9th 1923~ Aircraft pioneer La Cierva makes first autogyro flight

13th 1610 ~ Galileo find the 4th Moon of Jupiter

13th 1938 ~ Church of England accepts evolution

18th 1916 ~ Meteorite hits a house in Missouri

29th 1886 ~ Benz patents the first petrol car.

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