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Science shows for primary schools, Science Assemblies and assemblies of Science...Primary School Science Shows, KS2, KS1, including infants and nursery groups too. Primary School Science Shows. Some call them Science workshops.
Stoking curiosity, provoking engagement, helping achievement,

"Lively, fast paced, packed with info and very funny"

a recent teacher quote.

New show, Think Like a Scientist.

I am a trained (and qualified) teacher and scientist, so I am able to ensure that your pupils will learn while being entertained and want to engage with science learning in the future.
By assisting learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and making a positive attitude the children will be ready to learn.
Curriculum linked
The Q and A in classes adds so much to the day

School Science show, Ian B Dunne and a Tennis Ball Ian B Dunne, Science Presenter and a Primary Audience, mostly

I don't just perform a show and then take the rest of the day off, when I come to a school I'll be there for the whole day, shows and class Q and A, workshops, that sort of thing.

Primary School Science workshops

A show for parents too perhaps.

See Primary Science days

for more details. Especially outdoor work has been shown by studies to really improve attitudes, engagement and outcomes
I really enjoy primary school, juniors, the lot and they seem to enjoy my efforts too, and they most definitely educational too, as well as engaging, amusing.
I don't think anybody else does this but I often do sessions in classes with demos, specimens and Q and A.
I do aim to make them engage, to laugh and learn.
Linked to the curriculum they also deal with the really interesting stuff of science. But I can tailor for your needs.
If there are two schools near each other or several over several days I can split the day between them morning at one and afternoon at another, so you can get your cluster together and save on travel costs.

Ian B Dunne and a balloon Ian B dunne and Giant Ant Ian B Dunne and Wimshusrt Macine, primary school science show Ian B Dunne, Primary school science show, catapult Primary School Audience Ian B Dunne Primary school science show, Ian B Dunne and a rocket balloon

Ian B Dunne and his toy plane at a primary school science show Ian B Dunne, Science Presenter moving in a blur in a primary school science show Ian B Dunne, the Sun and the Earth at a primary school science show in Lancashire.

A bit of appreciation from a primary school A bit of appreciation from a primary school

The Maths and Science Shows for primary schools

About an hour for KS2 and 45 mins for KS1, I spend the rest of the day in classes. All I need is a data projector, a table and an audience.

Science...The Best Bits, primary school version.
Some of my favourite demonstrations, pictures and specimens.

Great Scientists
There are so many to choose from

Inventors and Inventions
Everything got invented some how, and these are some of the greats.

Great Moments in Science
Galileo, Newton, Darwin and beyond 

Think Like a Scientist
One to get them thinking

Evolution, Adaptation, Darwin and that
The Wonders of Nature and how it got here

Fizz, Pop, Think
Demonstrations to make you go urgh, aaarh and wonder

Primary Maths Show
The title is a clue

For 2015 The International Year of Light

Not Just a Pretty flower
A show on the wonders of plants

Dino Day
Dinosaurs day

The Condensed History of the Universe
How we all got here.

The nearest thing to real magic....Electricity
Electricity, with a bit about magnets

Olympic and Sports
Science of Sport

Things that fly, a good one for a themed day or week

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