Things I have made

Tibbles The CatDroid

Servos, leds, Two arduinos,3d printed skeleton and fur, it's Tibbles,

Tibbles the CatDroid,Ian B Dunne Tibbles

Hugi, The Robotic Raven

Two arduinos, lots of servos, a 3d printed skeleton and artificial feathers, it's Hugi, she can't fly but she can sing.

Hugi the Robot Raven, Ian B Dunne, Science shows A page about her and her making


A little robot pal I made for myself and to use in shows. 3d printed and arduino controller, he sings, he dances, he can run round the room and hardly ever falls of the table, stairs are a problem.

Jef3D2, the robot , Ian B Dunne, Science shows A page about him with a video


The joys of 3d printing and arduino micro controlers let me make Ani. She reacts, some times to me and some times to who knows what.

Anni the 3d printed animatronic skull and Ian B Dunne A page about her with a video


Kat, my demonic robot cat made for my Katterfelto show but proving very popular when ever I get him out of the box so he is now in more shows.

Kat the demonic Robot cat by Ian B Dunne A page about him with a video

3D Printing

I have a Reprap Ormerod, quite a mouthful and I am getting going with it.

3D printed flying saucer by Ian B Dunne 3D printed rocket by Ian B Dunne

Machines by me

I like making things. some times they are things to demonstrate a particular principle. but many of them are just because I liked the idea.

My Robot friend, I made a while agoMy Robot friend, I made a while ago My Robot friend, and me

Stupid Machine

My stupid machine
Just what is says. When the switch is turned on, the box opens and a little metal arm reaches out and turns it's self back off again.

Dancing Robot

Dancing Robot

Dancing robot. Turn the handle and the robot dances, legs and arms swinging. I also rigged up a small dc motor to act as a dynamo and this makes is eyes light up. As you can see most of the bits are reclaimed from old computers, except his head which is an old time radio valve.

Robot Cyclist

Ian B Dunne's Robot Cyclist

This little robot automaton is also made from various bits of scrap. His head is a valve and they eyes light up as he cycles, lifts his hands from the handle bars and rings a bell. The wonder of cogs and drive belts.

Jeff the Junk Bot Guard

Jeff the Junk Bot Guard

This robot is my first foray into micro controllers. Using an arduino, leds, sensors and servos his main body is reused bits and bobs. The head turns and can hide inside the body and the arms move. Depending on the settings he will act as a guard bot, sing songs or work as a ultrasonically controlled theremin. I learned a lot about machines and probably more importantly programming.

Sterling engine Number 1

Sterling engine Number 1 Sterling engine number one. This is an engine that uses the expansion and contraction of air to make it work, made from scrap and bits and pieces it manages to turn, the fly wheel is a computer disk.

Sterling Engine Number 2

Sterling Engine Number 2 Sterling engine number two, a bit more refined than my first effort, this one goes much better. The best engineered part is the fly wheel which is a capstan from an old video player.

Things I've made,Ian B Dunne, Do Science Ltd
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