Virtual Primary School Science Sessions


I can offer a range of virtual science workshops and experiences from a class active and interactive workshop, year group session or deliver a show for the whole school. KS1 and KS2

Distance learning with questions and answers. Using the wonders of video meetings I can deliver a "Wow" session to get your topic going.
From 30 minutes sessions to as long as you need, using the kit and specimens I would normally bring into schools and some that I don't, to really get their attention from a screen.
Demonstrations, objects, pretty pictures and lively words.

Drop me an email and we can sort out the basic financial details, do a quick test to make sure the internet works between your site and my base, then when we are done the invoice will be raised.

Particular Subjects include

A panorama of my greenhouse

Plants, I grow a lot with some great adaptations

A chunk of meteorite melt a Moldovite, from my collection

Space and our place in it, Earth and space including meteorites.

australopithicus replica skull with some other fossils in the background

Evolution and inheritance, Darwin and more

Bush Cricket in my garden

Living things and their habitats

And a whole load more too, if what you want is not on the list, just ask. If you are stuck on how to get going or liven things up, let me know.

They can be tweaked and changed to cover different year groups too and if needs be I can mix and match.

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