The Back Catalogue...

This page has largely been superceded by my Google Calendar which keeps records of where I have been and what I have been doing.

Summer 2009
Southampton University Schools' day ; Aim Higher event ; Hereford Science Festival ; HEFCE Summer School, INTECH, Scitechs conference, PDTS Inset.

Spring 2009
Southampton University Outreach Days; Croydon Science Festival; Southampton University Family Fun day; Scientriffic at NEWI Wrexham; several Whole school INSET days

Autumn 2008
Zionshill Woodfair ; Aberdeen Techfest ; PDTS Inset : Environmental Games ; PDTS Inset : Science in the School Grounds ; AWE Schools day ; Poole SCITT PGCE day ; Lincolnshire Science Festival

Summer 2008
Southampton University Schools' day ; Isle of Wight : Gifted and Talented workshops ; SLCSE Investigations Earth in Space ; Aim Higher event , SetPoint Sussex, Wakehurst Place ; Hereford Science Festival ; HEFCE Summer School ; Public Understanding of Science seminar Imperial College London

Spring 2008
Croydon Science Festival, Southampton University Family Fun day, Scientriffic at NEWI Wrexham, Southampton University Schools' days, SLCSE Inset, Investigations : Electricity and magnetism, Easington Community Science days, University of Ulster Schools' day, several Whole school INSET days

Autumn 2007
Telecommunication Engineers Christmas lectures, London and Birmingham, Southampton University Schools' Christmas Chemistry lecture, A Level maths resources, Hertfordshire ; Salters Academy Christmas Lecture, SLCSE Inset, Investigations : Forces ; Intech schools lecture, Thump Gurgle Pop!, AWE Schools day, PDTS Inset - Science in the School Grounds, Intech Hallowe'en talk "Spooky Science" ; Zionshill Wood Fair, PDTS INSET - Environmental Games, Teacher Training, Dorset

Summer 2007
Hereford Schools Science Festival : Southampton University Summer school : Maths Heads Conference : KS2 Day at Southampton University
PDTS INSET - Environmental Games ; INSET - Science in the School Grounds : Intech Schools Lectures : INSET - Building Numeracy

Spring 2007
Maths talks - EBP Sussex : Southampton University schools lectures : PDTS INSET - Environmental Games : INSET day Ufton Court : Southampton University National Science Week : Setpoint Sussex : Portsmouth School Science Fair Croydon Science Fair : Aim Higher : PGCE Training Dorset : INTECH school's lectures : Setpoint Sussex :Southampton University Primary science days : Milestones Basingstoke public lectures : ASE Annual conference : Intech INSET - Setting up a science week

A Level Maths shows Central London, Southampton University Chemistry Schools' lectures, ASE Regional Conference Reading, Intech Schools Lectures, Croydon Haloween Science Festival, Test Valley Wood Fair, Rockwatch, PDTS INSET Environmental Games, Hereford Science Festival, Netley Marsh Steam Rally , SLCSE CPD Fantastic Forces : Keen to be Green, Southampton Science Fair, Lectures for SETpoint Sussex, Portsmouth Schools Science Fair, Croydon Science Fair, ASE / SLCSE Teacher day, Pfizer Science Extravaganza, Southampton University Family Fun Day, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Oxford, Action Stations Portsmouth, Kent Festival of Science, ASE Conference Reading, How to run a Science week at INTECH

Christmas Lecture at Southampton University Chemistry Dept, SLC Video Conference "The Retrial of Galileo" , INSETs at INTECH - Exploring Investigations, SC1 Investigations, A Lecture for Christmas INTECH, SLCSE INSETs Forces, Exploring Investigations, The Earth and Space, A Level Physics Study Days, Learning Partnership, London, NAGTY event Southampton University, Wrexham Scientrific Science Festival, INTECH schools lectures : Thump, Gurgle, Pop ; Spooky Science ; Light and Colour ; Fascinating Forces ; Not Just a Pretty Flower ; Things that Go Bang, PDTS INSETs Building Numeracy, Environmental Games ,Kent Festival of Science, Zionshill Woodfair, GEM Conference, Winchester, Science Day at Alexandra Palace
Ithaca Science Center USA
Museum of the Earth Ithaca USA
Light and Colour : Kew Gardens, Netley Marsh Steam rally, Science...The Best Bits at the Royal Institution (webcast), Beggars Fair Romsey, HEFCE Science Summer School at Southampton University

ASE conference Guildford : Key Stage Two Science day at Southampton University : Fathers' day celebration at INTECH : Taste Bud Teaser Winchester : Hampshire wood Fair : INSET at Itchen Valley Country Park : Aim Higher Southampton University, KS2 day at Brighton, Milestones : Portsmouth Schools Science Fair, ASE Annual Conference, University of Southampton, ISTA Conference Dundalk Eire, Best Bits of Science on tour in Wales, Exploring Investigations an INSET at INTECH, Hampshire Woodfair at Sparsholt College, Harewood House, Yorkshire, Schools lectures INTECH, Exploring Investigations INSET, Cardiff, Keen to be Green at Bursledon Brickworks, Henley Museum of the River and Rowing, Test Valley Arts Fair, HEFCE Summer School , Test Valley Wood Fair, Southampton Environmental Community Conference., The Clair Witch Project at Whiteley, Not Just a Pretty Flower at The Royal Institution. ,Two British Army Schools in Germany , Southampton University Christmas Lecture

INTECH every month, Itchen Valley Country Park Environmental Games, Harewood House, Yorkshire, School Grounds Week, Hampshire Wood Fair, HEFCE Summer School, Test Valley Wood Fair, Demonstration Lectures, University of Southampton, EBP Annual Conference

2002 and before....
Demonstration Lectures, University of Southampton, Southampton University Family Funday, Wood Celebration for the BTCV, Hampshire Wood Fair, Guides World Congress, Harewood House, Yorkshire, Southampton City Council Lammas Fair, Explosion - Portsmouth, Southampton University HEFCE Summer School

National Science Week 2001 : It's a Gas on tour to schools
2000 : The Condensed History of the Universe on tour to schools
1999 : Not Just a Pretty Flower on tour to shopping centres
1998 : The Freak Show (with SHHGA) on tour to schools

School's Science Fairs
2005 Portsmouth
2004 Winchester, Portsmouth, New Forest
2003, Winchester, Southampton, Bracknell, The New Forest, Portsmouth
2002 - Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth
2001 - Portsmouth, Eastleigh
2000 - Portsmouth (with Bursledon Brickworks)

of course I have scared the wits out of people at Halloween and Ghost walks.
2004 The Clair Witch Project at Whiteley
2003 - Southampton Story Festival, even more fun than last year
2002 - Southampton Story telling Festival. My favourite, a ghost walk in a thunder storm. Fantastic.
2001 - Staunton Country Park, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Gundymoor Wood
2000 - Hilliers, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Gundymoor Wood, The Hawthorns
1999, 1998, 1997 - Hilliers
And the Rest
Southampton Storytelling Festival - November 2000 and 2001, 2002
Romsey Beggars' Fair - July 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Environment Agency Millennium Event - September 2000
BTCV Pondwardens Course - May 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Basingstoke Wordfest - October 2000 and 2001

Have I missed any.........Yes, Lots.

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