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My Little book of Science a sample page from My Little Book of science Ian B Dunne

My new edition, rewritten and with more pictures and a lovely glossy cover.
A little bit about it

This little book is sort of the book of the science show Science...The Best Bits, updated again.
What is science? It is exploring, imagine you have a map and there are details marked on the map, a stream here and a sand dune there but there is still lots to find, great areas where there are no marks. In the past when map makers had no idea of what was in a region of the world they would write “Here be Dragons”. Now, science is a bit like that map, some of it is known but there are h4 blank areas, lots to explore and find out.
When Galileo lifted his home made telescope to his eye and saw the Moons of Jupiter and the stars of the Milky Way for the first time he knew where to look but not what he would find. Science is like that.

The book covers lots of bits of science that I think are interesting and judging from the audiences reactions they do as well!!

Space and forces, bugs and birds, plants and dinosaurs, light and sound all get mentioned and there is a quick condensed history of the Universe too. Over 100 pages and illustrations, cartoons and drawings done by my own hand. So much in such a little book and I enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it too.

An ancient greek

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