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I have lots of toys, and here is a little about some of them, but there are many more, it depends what show I am doing.

Van de Graaff Generator The Van de Graaff Generator

Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole cameras are the simplest form of camera, they do not have a lens but focus the light through a very small hole.If the camera has light sensitive photographic paper in it then a photo can be taken.

The paper is removed and developed to give a negative and then a print is taken.

2001 Southampton University HEFCE Summer School

Do Science Ltd Pinhole Camera Project

(this photograph was taken with a pinhole camera as part of the project)

We can offer a pinhole camera activity for a class for a day, at the end of it the pupils will have taken photos, developed them and printed the pictures.

The chemicals used are standard black and white developing solutions and are not considered highly hazardous.

This activity is suitable for Key stage 3 and 4 and over.

Do Science Lts darkrooms

Images on this page were taken through pinhole cameras made as part of the project!