INSETs and CPD, Think Like a Scientist

Training days for teachers

Improving your practical sessions and so helping with engagement, attainment and results. Science is the best subject for getting kids to think, observe the world around them. Bringing practical material to you that can be used with the age groups you deal with. There are some wonderful, easy and cheap activities that you can use to assist learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and making a positive attitude the children will be ready to learn.
I have run INSET days for Hampshire County Council and the Science Learning Centre South East and many more

But my favourite is to run an INSET day or evening for all of the staff of a Primary (or Infant or Junior) School where the session is tailored especially for the subject areas, themes, strengths and requirements of the particular school.

This approach is the best value for money for the school, the most interesting for the teachers and the most entertaining for me.
we can use your own resources to fully explore the curriculum or I have a wide range of kit.
Ideas, activities, some fun, and if we are lucky the sun will shine too.
Some thinking, a lot of doing and not too much writing down.

The most popular themes are
Think Like a Scientist, Exploring Investigations - Making the most out of experiments and demonstrations from Year R to year 6, letting teachers try things and getting them to analyse what happens to get a Science "head" on
Making use of the great Outdoors
Environmental games, the outdoor classroom - Evidence seems to show that getting kids to look at the world around them helps with curiosity and achievement, particular emphasis on natural history
Outdoor Science, science in the playground - particular emphasis on observation

Others include

Fascinating Forces - can be used to link with many games and sports as well as the core curriculum
Electrics, Energy and Stinky Chemicals - to help you teach the modules in a sparky way
Planet Earth beneath your feet and Solar System above your head - seasons, tides, stars, space.
Flowers, trees and minibeasts, what you find outside and how to use it.
Insect Inset - how to find, identify, understand and not flinch from minibeasts
Plant Power - food, flowers, and everything else plants give us
Natural Numeracy - alternative ways to get kids interested in numbers and their patterns
Building Numeracy (about buildings and maths) - applied maths in an unusual way
But there can be many more.
Mixing and matching are a most certainly allowed.

Or ask me about what you want and I will see what I can do.
Lots of staff get stressed and worried about subjects like forces, or electricity, but they are not too bad once you have run through them at your pace in a positive way ..... honest.
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