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school science show Primary School science shows, KS1 and KS2, and even stuff for infants and early years.

Secondary schools science shows, KS3 and KS4...Educational and many other things as well, performed by Ian B Dunne . KS5 A levels and beyond

New school science show, Think Like a Scientist.

As a trained (and qualified) teacher and scientist I am able to ensure that your pupils will learn while being entertained and want to engage with science learning in the future.

I can help by assisting learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and making a positive attitude the children will be ready to learn.

Not just a bit of slapstick but real science in an entertaining wrapper of performance and wonderful things.

Jef3D2, the robot pal, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Jef3D2

Kat the Robotic Kat, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Kat

Ani, the animatronic skull, Ian B Dunne Science Shows Ani

Some friends I've made to help me

science shows for schools, Ian B Dunne, that Yorik moment at a  science show

Curriculum linked

What ever your Key stage just what you need for your science week or National Science week.

Primary school science shows and science workshops, KS1 and KS2

Secondary school science shows, key stages KS3 and KS4

Festival shows, Science and other

Corporate Shows, for entertainment and a laugh

Public Shows

I am proud to be a science performer, the demonstrations I use and the shows I present are made to inspire shows and most definitely educational too, oh that is just not the right phrase, They are more than that; engaging, amusing, interactive, curriculum linked, striving to inspire.

The School science show

Science assemblies a speciality

Out standing science shows of Stand Up Science. Science festivals catered for.

Big boasts you might think, but I know what people say to me and I did not write the reviews on the PlanetScience web site. Interactive Science theatre. No one falls asleep at my events.

school science show school science shows Ian B Dunne Science presenter's singing tesla coil entertaining Anni the 3d printed animatronic skull and Ian B Dunne

I have rare and wonderful kit that other people want, if I had a pound for every time a school has asked me to leave them such and such if my toys, I would have a lot more toys.Let alone some of the fantastic specimens I have managed to collect.

school science, Fire,Ian B Dunne Science Presenter at a science show in Berkshire Ian B Dunne, hair raising at a school science show Wimshurst machine Ian B Dunne Catapults Ian B Dunne Ian B Dunne Tools of my Trade, I have more now for using in my science shows
The Shows
Description Age Group
New show, Think Like a Scientist. Different versions, some thing for Every Body
Science Magic... Magic Science Demonstrations that look like Magic, some spectacular stunts and played for the laughs. KS 3 +
The Best Bits of Science.....Ever Some of my favourite demonstrations, pictures and specimens KS 2 +
Great Moments in Science Galileo, Newton, Darwin and beyond  KS 2 +
Quacks, Cranks, Charlatans and Showmen, What is says in the title More mature audiences
Fizz, Pop, Think Demonstrations to make you go urgh, aaarh and wonder, some thinking may be involved KS 2 +
Evolution, Adaptation, Darwin and that Natural History and the wonders of the nature KS 2 +
The Wrong Stuff, Science that seemed a good idea at the time Stand up Science comedy, ideal for an evening grown up audience. Everybody
Maths, Puerile and Appalled Maths is wonderful and it effect us all, from simple but strange maths tricks to the wonders of binary and computers. KS 3 +
Primarily Primary Maths This title is a clue on this one, it is about maths for primary schools. Striving to lift the curtain on the wonderful world of Numbers KS 1 +

Amongst other shows that can be performed for one and all are



Great Scientists

Great Inventors

Not Just a Pretty flower

Dino Day

The Condensed History of the Universe

The nearest thing to real magic....Electricity

Olympic and Sports

Christmas Shows

but there are more, ask for your preferred topic.

Science for Schools and all

Each Presentation is unique,
well except they all work a treat. The content and each changes depending on the age range and mix of the audience.

Generally they are about an hour long, Faraday said that's enough for anybody. But they can be tailored to fit and when needs be I can talk very fast.

Any of my science shows can be tweaked for any and all age groups from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and work well with mixed public / family audiences, but some are broader than others.

I have presented at the Royal Institution and many British Science festivals.

I do not make a science show to link directly to the National Curriculum but they most certainly support it or and any other structured learning program I've found for that matter - it is more fun for pupils and teachers to see the breadth of science. But I can link them to the subjects you really want. Not long ago I was asked to get in as many penguins as possible, by a teacher who had seem me before and really likes those flightless swimming examples of natural selection.

I am based in Southampton but I'll a do science show or tour anywhere, it broadens the mind.

Four or more maths or science shows in one day at a school is not unusual and all for the same day rate fee.

Give me some tables, electricity, a jug of water and sometimes access to a data projector to show pretty pictures, oh and an audience and I'll give you a show and give the audience back to you turned on to science.

Science demonstrations, engagement, learning and laughs are what I seek to bring.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the Maths and Science Shows I can offer to your school, festival or organisation

I can always tailor something to your needs. In fact I really enjoy that, writing and then performing specific shows for specific audiences is always a voyage of discovery, it give me an excuse for some research and to break new ground.

Science Presenter Ian B Dunne and Theremin KS2,Primary Science show in Sussex, full house with Ian B Dunne

School Science Shows The science show for schools, Ian B Dunne

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