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I am proud to be an entertaining science show presenter, delivering Science Shows for everybody, young and old.
Science Shows Ian B Dunne, with a test tube

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Ian B Dunne Tesla at a secondary school science show
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I am a chemist (originally), a lapsed pyrotechnician, a qualified teacher, have enhanced and updated DBS, and have 5 Million Pounds public liability insurance (with a no claims discount) I have been many things Author, Entertaining Science Showman, Maths Showman, Science Storyteller & Educational Polymath ( I did not make that title up) and I like to make things too Follow me on social media:

Science Shows Ian B Dunne.

Ian B Dunne and a full house for a science show

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Science Shows Ian B Dunne, and the Earth

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What people say...

What an Inspiring Science Show, the best I've seen.

S.C. Hertfordshire

There was very definitely a special feeling of awe and wonder around the school

O.D. Sussex

I loved the hole thing can't wate for you to come back.

T. (year 2, London)

Thanks again Ian. Great to see you, the staff and children loved it!

N.F. Surrey