Dino Day

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Infant School groups can often miss out on science shows. This a science show and day about Dinosaurs. Key stage 1 teachers often wonder what to do for that age group to get them going, not just on science but in looking at the world. And this is the topic for them.
The long dead, magnificent dinosaurs.

What were they? What did they do? How did they do it?
There are so many aspects of these creatures can get things going. Not just their size, but what did they eat? Where did they live? What colours were they? What would they make of our world today? Or what would we make of their world if we went back in time? For instance, could they have played football? Well maybe, but not on a grass pitch as grass had not evolved yet.
And of course, "What happened to them?"
For getting a school off to a themed experience and to set the scene.
This science show runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten minutes or so to reset. Apart from a data projector and a couple of tables there is little else needed. Well, an audience would be nice!
Typically I do a show or two and then go into classrooms to show the kids more bits of real dinosaur than some museums I could mention have! Questions and answers and paint pictures in their minds of what the world was like way back then.

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