Fizz! Pop! Think?

Ian B Dunne Science Show

This science show features demonstrations to illustrate all sorts of scientific wonders, concentrating on Chemistry.
How wondrous and vital this of all the sciences is, to the lives we lead and the world we live in. Such a shame that the word "chemical" seems to put the wind up so many people, when they are all around us, and in us as well.
Baking powder bombs that make cakes go with a bang, things that glow in the dark, self lighting candles, sheets of flame and the stunning light of flash powder.
Must remember to have the smoke detectors turned off for this one!
This science show is good for revision and inspiration in schools, dealing chemistry, chemical reactions but also some other things too.
This science show runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten mins or so to reset. Apart from a data projector and a couple of tables there is little else needed. Well, an audience would be nice!

Curriculum links

Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding
The nature, processes and methods of science
States of matter
Properties and changes of materials
Chemical reactions
Structure, bonding and the properties of matter

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