The Kurious Kabinet of Dr Katterfelto

The Kurious Kabinet of Dr Katterfelto and his necromantic cat.
Katterfelto's cat Premiering at the Brighton Fringe, May and June 2018 Great Wonders! Wonders! Wonders! And Wonders! This show is being written as you read, intending to premier in the spring, but if you are desperate for a seance cast me a spell
For the more adult evening audience, a cabaret show of vintage wonders.
Recreating the mystery and wonder of the age of enlightenment traveling lecturer, quack and showmans shows, Ian B Dunne will channel the good Doctor to bring some of the age of wonder to new audiences, to enlighten and amuse.
At the fall of the eighteenth century a colossus of science demonstration strode the country. Performing his shows of erudite science, conjuring and quackery across the land.
Doctor, Professor, Colonel Gustavus Katterfelto, claimed inventor of the “Solar” Microscope and the aerostat he was renowned for his proetic, stenographic, balensical and caprimantic delights. Now sadly his exploits and legacy have fallen into the dust of collective forget.
Armed with a range of strange and wonderful equipment and properties, equipped with strange specimens from his private museum he ushered in the age of discovery.
See insects the size of dogs, marvel at the levitating balloon, tremble before the demonic cat.

Entertainment, Inspiration and a jolly good laugh.
The Kurious Kabinet of Dr Katterfelto Ian B Dunne Do Science Ltd
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