Doodle Science - April 2012

Circulated to schools, organisations and individuals - covering primary science and related bits and bobs. Julian Alps Easter is coming, you should get away. So here is a nice picture of some mountains and clouds to get you in the mood.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for April

1st 1753 ~ Lineaus first publishes his Species Plantarum and so gets systematic naming of the natural world going.
2nd 1933 ~ First sighting of the Loch Ness monster. Did they or didn't they? One thing is for certain, nobody has caught it.
5th 1925 ~ John Scopes is arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution and in 1804 the High Possil Meteorite is the first recorded meteorite fall in Scotland.
7th 1795 ~ France adopts the metre as the basic unit of length measurement.
11th 1905 ~ Einstein unveils special relativity.
17th 1902 ~ Spiridion Stais finds the Antikethyra mechanism.
24th 1849 ~ Morse transmits the first telegraph message from Baltimore to Washington.
29th 1919 ~ Arthur Eddington takes measurements of stars during an eclipse to test Einstein's theory of relativity
Something to try
Strange Attractor.
Charge a balloon up on your hair or the cat or whatever comes to hand, actually don't use a cat they do not like it. Place an empty drinks can on a table so it can role and when you get the can near it it will move toward the can. Quite odd. See that else you can do with the balloon, how long can you get one to stick to the wall. This will vary with humidity as the higher it is the quicker the charge leaks away.
Health and safety
Don't play with electricity out of the mains
Web site well worth a visit
is this video of a robot quadricopters and have a look at the NASA Earth Observatory for useful free stuff.