Doodle Science - April 2018

Circulated to schools, organisations and individuals - covering primary science and related bits and bobs.

Starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, thousands of them. I was lucky enough to catch a murmuration this spring as they settled down onto a reed bed, not the largest group of them I have heard of, in Rome they make a real mess of cars parked on the roads by the Tiber, at least so I have read.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for April

1st 1875 ~ First weather map published in the times., Not April Fool
4th 1975 ~ Gates and Allen form Microsoft
6th 1938 ~ Plunkett invent Teflon
9th 1809 ~ Isambard Kingdom Brunnel is born
12th 1961 ~ Gagarin in orbit
15th 1726 ~ Newton tells the apple story, might be true
25 1953 ~ Watson and Crick present their work on DNA
27th 1981 ~ Computer mouse is born

Things in the sky this month.

Venus is good in the Sunset at the momnet, the predawn sky has Jupiter, Saturn and Mars but highlights include
April 16 - New Moon.
April 22, 23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower. T
April 29 - Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.
April 30 - Full Moon.

Good thing to do
Bit of a late spring this year but keep an eye out for pollinators should be coming out, amazing how so many insects hibernate and then suddenly appear, Bumble bees are already going. Interesting links

Some good robots

A newly identified aurora named STEVE

Rainforest Alliance