Doodle Science - August 2012

Circulated to schools, organisations and individuals - covering primary science and related bits and bobs.
Mallorca Beach
Not Science or is it? I just thought it is the summer holidays and I thought I'd give you a picture of a warm sunny deserted beach to help with getting through the dark cold days of the end of term. This is a bit of Mallorca I went to last year. Fantastic. I took this just after I had sat on a palm tree, just a little one but very spiky, it hurt.
Normal Doodle science will return in the Autumn

Something to try
Watch the Sky.
If it is not raining, and maybe if it is too, look at the sky. There are lots of planes in the air and you might get so see some really odd effects as well. This time of year is good for the halos, strange circomzenthical arcs and noctilucent clouds and all sorts. And let's face it we spend so much time looking down, let's look up for a bit.
Health and safety
Don't look straight at the Sun. Newton did and it took him weeks to get over it
Web site well worth a visit
is the Friends of the Earth resources page on bees
and have a look at the Science and Plants for Schools for inspiration.