Doodle Science - December 2014

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Masdavalia Veitchiana
Masdavalia Veitchiana, an orchid from Costa Rica where it grows in cloud forest snuggled down in damp moss, hanging on a branch. It flowers once a year but that flower lasts for ages. Probably in the wild it gets pollinated by humming birds.

Remember STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too and I have maths shows.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for December

2nd, 1942 ~The Manhattan Project, the first working nuclear pile or reactor, Chicago
3rd, 1967~ First successful Heart Transplant carried out by Barnard
5th, 1893 ~ First electric car
10th, 1684 ~ Newtons paper on Gravity is read to the Royal Society By Halley
12th, 1901 ~ Marconi receives the first radio transmission across the Atlantic
14th, 1903 ~ The Wright Brothers make their first attempt to get the Wright Flyer off the ground
21st, 1968 ~ Apollo 8 goes to the Moon. the first people to go round, they did not land but they got a great view.ans
23rd, 1954 ~ First human kidney transplant by Murray in Boston.
24th, 1906 ~ First transmission of voice and music by radio, Reginald Fessenden.
27th, 1831 ~ Darwin sets sail on the Beagle
28th, 1612 ~ Galileo probably saw Neptune but thought it was a fixed star.2nd of January 1860 ~The planet Vulcan is announced in Paris, it did not really exist.
Something to try. Make you own fossil?
Spinning Egg If you spin a hard boiled egg it will stand up on it's end. All to do with conservation of angular momentum. If you do it in a very shallow dish of water, the water will climb up the sides of the egg. The water is moving top the furthest out part., until a certain point where gravity makes it climb no more.
Something else to try.
See what is flower Darwin made a record every year of what plants were in flower on Christmas day. Might be more than you expect. The study of this sort of thing is called phenology, here's a link to get you started.

Natures Calender Well worth a look. NASAs New Horizons Space craft headed for Pluto is due to wake up on the 6th of December

Galloping Crocodiles of the Sahara

Pictures of Iceland

If you have not seen it watch this amazing physics demo with a truck.