Doodle Science - December 2018

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Xmas Tesla Coil
The picture above is what happens when you put a Christmas decoration on a tesla coil, not one of my solid state coils you understand but one of a much older design the kind of thing the great Tesla himself would have made, driven by a spark gap. One of the newer transistor ones would probably get damaged, where as this one is more robust, if the column were strong enough you could probably sit on it with out doing breaking it.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for December

2nd, 1942 ~The Manhattan Project, the first working nuclear pile or reactor, Chicago
3rd, 1967~ First successful Heart Transplant carried out by Barnard
5th, 1893 ~ First electric car
10th, 1684 ~ Newtons paper on Gravity is read to the Royal Society By Halley
11th, 1844 ~ First use of Laughing gas as a dental Anaesthetic
12th, 1901 ~ Marconi receives the first radio transmission across the Atlantic
14th, 1903 ~ The Wright Brothers make their first attempt to get the Wright Flyer off the ground
17th, 1903 ~ The Wright Brothers get it to work.
21st, 1968 ~ Apollo 8 goes to the Moon. the first people to go round, they did not land but they got a great view.
22nd, 1882 ~ Edward H Johnson uses the first electric Christmas tree lights in his home.
23rd, 1954 ~ First human kidney transplant by Murray in Boston.
24th, 1906 ~ First transmission of voice and music by radio, Reginald Fessenden.
27th, 1831 ~ Darwin sets sail on the Beagle
28th, 1612 ~ Galileo probably saw Neptune but thought it was a fixed star.
In the Sky this month

Good thing to do

December 7 - New Moon.
December 13, 14 - Geminids Meteor Shower.
December 15 - Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation.
December 21 - December Solstice.
December 22 - Full Moon.
December 21, 22 - Ursids Meteor Shower.

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