Doodle Science - February 2013

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Something warm and dry to make you think of summer in this damp and cold month. This is a cactus garden on Tenerife I was lucky enough to visit a little while ago. Lots of the plants were not in fact cacti, which only come from the Americas, many were spurges or euphorbias which through the wonder of convergent evolution look just like cacti but come fro the old world. The conditions they live in makes the the succulents of both places end up looking very similar. The Euphorbias are the biggest single genus of plants and some grow wild in this country look very different to their tropical cousins but the flowers are very similar.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for February

3rd 1966 - Unmanned Luna 9 lands on the Moon
5th 1924 - The Greenwich Time Signal or the "Pips" are broadcast for the first time.
6th 1959 - Kilby of Texas Instruments patents an integrated circuit.
7th 1979 - Pluto moves inside the orbit of Neptune, it still is.
10th 1996 - IBMs Deep Blue computer beats Garry Kasparov at chess
12th 1809 - Charles Darwin is born
15th 1564 - Galileo Galilei is born
18th Tombaugh discovers Pluto
28th 1953 Watson and Crick tell friends they have worked out the structure of DNA. They publish in April
Something to try.(provides you have an android or smart phone.)

There are some brilliant apps and these ones are free too.
Google Sky Map shows the sky as it actually is and as you move the phone the view you get changes,
well worth a little memory space.
Another cracking one is the iGeology 3D from the British Geological survey, .which gives a 3 dimensional geological map, amazing, especially if you like rocks.
Guess who just got a new phone.
Interesting 2 Leonardo codecies on line echalk has some interesting resources.