Doodle Science - February 2014

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Tonic water, in a glass jar and a uv laser pointer. There is lots of interesting things going on here. Tonic water fluoresces, when ultraviolet light is shone at it it glows back a lovely blue. The laser pointer I got from a well know auction site for a few pounds and it is wonderful the best thing I know for energising all sorts of day glow and glow in the dark materials. The beam is being bounced around the flask by internal reflection too.
Remember STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too and I have maths shows.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for February

3rd 1966 - Unmanned Luna 9 lands on the Moon
5th 1924 - The Greenwich Time Signal or the "Pips" are broadcast for the first time.
6th 1959 - Kilby of Texas Instruments patents an integrated circuit.
7th 1979 - Pluto moves inside the orbit of Neptune, it still is.
10th 1996 - IBMs Deep Blue computer beats Garry Kasparov at chess. I have great difficulty beating my phone
12th 1809 - Charles Darwin is born
15th 1564 - Galileo Galilei is born
18th Tombaugh discovers Pluto
28th 1953 Watson and Crick tell friends they have worked out the structure of DNA. They publish in April
Something to try. Making a big Noise

Making a string telephone is easy. Just get two paper or plastic cups, make a small hole in the bottom of each and thread the string through. Tie the string round a used match stick and pull tight, this works much better than using sticky tape. When the string is held taut you can talk down it to a friend a distance away and they can hear, but there is something much better you can do with only one cup and string. Hold the cup in one hand and pull the string so your thumb nail rubs down the string. Makes a pretty good noise but if you now get a piece of paper and get it wet and then run that down the string the noise is amazing.
Health and safety. Loud noises can damage ears. String can cause friction burns or worse. Interestingly, using a single wire, people in America or Australia used to make a telephone using barbed wire, lots of people could hook up at once, could be worth a go, there are links on the web but here is one on Gizmodo As far as I understand it it relied on one wire to carry current and the other end of the battery was earthed. I am going to have to have a go.

The Most Amazing images of Science 2013 The Most Amazing images of Science 2013.

Iife of a crab net

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