Doodle Science - February 2018

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a Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, amazing animals, they communicate with colour as they have little patches in their skin they can expand or contract as they want, they can even do active camouflage. Very intelligent too, sadly they die when they breed, other wise they might have built a civilisation by now, It would certainly look pretty.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for February

1st 1951 - TV showed an atom bomb test live ( they were unauthorised but it soon caught on)
2nd 1935 - First use of a polygraph lie detector.
3rd 1966 - Unmanned Luna 9 lands on the Moon
5th 1924 - The Greenwich Time Signal or the "Pips" are broadcast for the first time.
6th 1959 - Kilby of Texas Instruments patents an integrated circuit.
7th 1979 - Pluto moves inside the orbit of Neptune, it still is.
8th 1865 - Mendel reads his paper on gentics and not many people notice
10th 1996 - IBMs Deep Blue computer beats Garry Kasparov at chess
12th 1809 - Charles Darwin is born
15th 1564 - Galileo Galilei is born
18th 1930 Tombaugh discovers Pluto
28th 1953 Watson and Crick tell friends they have worked out the structure of DNA. They publish in April

A Good thing to do

Watch for Birds starting to migrate, no honest some will be starting this month. there have been a lot of Hawfinches in the country recently, seed failures in Europe made them come here. We might get an "irruption" of Waxwings and Ravens will already be starting to breed, they have done very well in the last few years, They breed near Southampton. Frogs will be starting to breed in ponds too.

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