Doodle Science - January 2012

Circulated to schools, organisations and individuals - covering primary science and related bits and bobs.
It is a cuckoo. I took this picture back last summer and I show it to you now to remind you summer will come again and these strange birds will come back too. The plumage is probably mimicry to make the other birds think they are birds of prey. This chap, and it is a chap, only the males make the distinctive call is probably in Africa now having a great time in warm sunny weather. For more info look at the BTO website
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for January

1st 1925 - Hubble announces the discovery of galaxies outside our Milky Way
5th 1896 - Roentgen announces X-rays.
7th 1610 - Galileo observes the largest Moons of Jupiter. You can do it too with a pair of binoculars
13th 1938 - the Church of England accepts the theory of evolution
18th 1916 - a meteorite hits a house in Missouri
19th 1883 - Edison first uses overhead wires in Street Lighting.
29th 1978 - Sweden outlaws CFC aerosol sprays because of the effect on the ozone layer, the first country to do so
Something to try
Looking for signs of spring.
This season looks like being different from the last couple of years. So far no snow and lots of creatures are already starting to get going. Look out for plants starting to grow and maybe even flower as well as bugs and birds. This is a whole branch of science you can do and contribute to the sum of all knowledge. Phenology is its name. And it is fun to see how things change and ever so educational.
Health and safety
Don't get all cold and wet
Web site well worth a visit
is this NASA Picture of the Day and dont forget the Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of the month.