Doodle Science - January 2013

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I was lucky enough to spend the holidays in the USA, and amongst other things spent a fair bit of time on Manhattan. This is the Empire State Building all lit up like a Christmas tree in the snow. Sorry for the camera judder but the mistiness is caused by the falling flakes of festive ice. Visited some wonderful museums and got some new ideas and interesting toys. Notice that there is no large Monkey on the tower, probably a bit cold for the poor chap.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for January

2nd of January 1860 ~The planet Vulcan is announced in Paris, it did not really exist.
4th of 1643 ~ Isaac Newton was born. So he was a Capricorn.
7th 1610 ~ Galileo starts finding the moons of Jupiter
8th year uncertain ~ My birthday
9th 1923~ Aircraft pioneer La Cierva makes first autogyro flight
13th 1610 ~ Galileo find the 4th Moon of Jupiter
13th 1938 ~ Church of England accepts evolution
v18th 1916 ~ Meteorite hits a house in Missouri
29th 1886 ~ Benz patents the first petrol car.
Something to try.Playing with static electricity

Because it is cold out side yet warm indoors the humidity this time of year is very low,
hence it is a good time to play with static electricity.
Charge a balloon, on your hair, you can stick it too the wall,
make your hair stand up or if you put an empty drinks can on a table so that the can can roll,
you can pull it along just by getting the balloon close.
Clothes will often charge as they are taken off,
jumper crackly but my favourite,
mind you you might not want to try it was a french researcher in the 18th century
who found he could charge up his stockings when he took them off. They would stand up like there was still a leg in them.
Fleeces of different sorts often work well. When taken off in the dark sparks can often be seen.
Health and safety:
Small charges can accumulate, remember it is not voltage but current that kills, so don't charge up anything big.
There is lots of other static stuff on the interweb, so have a look.

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