Doodle Science - March 2013

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minerals 013a
A glow in the dark rock, not radioactive but fluorescent. When UV light is shone at it it glows back just like some of the fluorescent paints that are about these days. The green one is franklinite and the red is calcite, both of them contain zinc and other impurities that cause the effect. Quite a few rocks will do this but this piece comes from Franklin in New Jersey where there is a mine that glows when the black lights are turned on. In some caves the calcite will do the same thing, sadly I've not been to one where they do that ...yet.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for March

1st 1966 ~ Venera 3 space probe send back the first pictures of the surface of the planet Venus
4th 1493 ~ Columbus get back to Europe having discovered the New World
4th 1887 ~ Daimler unveils his first 4 wheel internal combustion car
7th 1799 ~ The Royal Institution was founded by the very interesting Count Rumford, a man with a strange history
8th 1934 ~ Edwin Hubble produces a photo with showing there are more galaxies than stars in the Milky Way.
13th 1781 ~ Herschel discovers a planet in his back garden. He used a telescope and it was Uranus.
18th 1965 ~ Leonov becomes the first person to space walk.
22nd 1895 ~ First screening of moving pictures by the Lumiere Brothers.
30th 1842 ~ Dr Long s first use of anaethesia in an operation
30th 1858 ~ First pencil with a rubber attached.
Something to try. Glow in the Dark

A cheap black light or UV torch can be lots of fun.
Many materials will fluoresce when the light is played on them,
even various birds feathers will give a good effect.
Tonic water is a classic for producing a eerie effect, and they are great for charging up luminous paint.
When I first got one I made the mistake of wandering around my house shinning it on what ever caught my fancy.
The kitchen was a shock, a something might look clean but when the torch hits it every little bit of grease glows back,
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