Doodle Science - May 2012

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Fingal's Cave Staffa

Fingals cave on the island of Staffa. I went to Scotland this Easter and was lucky enough to brave the waves and went to this most amazing cave. It was formed when basalt rock cooled slowly and formed hexagonal columns and the wave action cut out the cave. Truly awesome and the noise of the waves was like a timpani drum. Outside the cave the cracks in the columns were home to many spiders. Well worth the kidney thumping boat ride

Something to try
Making a big noise.
Making a string telephone is easy. Just get two paper or plastic cups, make a small hole in the bottom of each and the thread string through. Tie the string round a used match stick and pull tight, this works much better than using sticky tape. When the string is held taught you can talk down it to a friend a distance away and they can hear, but there is something much better you can do with only one cup and string. Hold the cup in one hand and pull the string so you thumb nail rubs down the string. Makes a pretty good noise but if you now get a piece of paper and get it wet and then run that down the string the noise is amazing.
Health and safety
Loud noises can damage ears. String can cause friction burns or worse
Web site well worth a visit
is this snake mimicking caterpillar