Doodle Science - May 2015

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Strangler fig
A Strangler Fig, This tropical tree starts off as a little seed dropped by a bird or a bat into the crown of another tree and starts to grow. Eventually the roots get to the ground and it really gets going. They out compete the tree they are on and kill it. Tough plant which is why they make good house plants and Ficus Benjamina is probably the commonest house plant in the country, there is quite likely one near you now.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for May

1st 1753 ~ Lineaus first publishes his Species Plantarum and so gets systematic naming of the natural world going.
2nd 1933 ~ First sighting of the Loch Ness monster. Did they or didn't they? One thing is for certain, nobody has caught it.
5th 1925 ~ John Scopes is arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution and in 1804 the High Possil Meteorite is the first recorded meteorite fall in Scotland.
7th 1795~ France adopts the metre as the basic unit of length measurement.
11th 1905 ~Einstein unveils special relativity.
17th 1902 ~ Spiridion Stais finds the Antikethyra mechanism.
24th 1849 ~ Morse transmits the first telegraph message from Baltimore to Washington.
29th 1919 ~ Arthur Eddington takes measurements of stars during an eclipse to test Einsteins theory of relativity.
Quite a lot of Astronomy events in the coming month

Full Moon on the 4th
Eta Aquarids Meteor shower on the 5/6th, best seen from the Southern Hemisphere but still worth a look
Mercury furthest away from the Sun on the 7th, good chance to see it.
New Moon on the 18th
And on the 23rd Saturn will be in opposition so it will be full on the the Sun and as near the Earth as it is going to get for a while

On Line Planetarium, worth a look
Chiles Volcano eruption
Some Great Pictures
Submarine Cables, links of the internet