Doodle Science November 2010

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A double rainbow with some extra bits.
I took this picture a few days ago and it shows something unusual, the rainbow was very strong and has a good double above it but I had never noticed the other bows inside the main one before.
Apparently they are called supernumary bows and are not caused by the light being bent by the raindrops but are an interference pattern
and were one of the first bits of evidence for the wave theory of light.
For more info look at the wonderful Atmospheric Optics site.

I am still delivering Science and Maths shows, workshops and CPD for teachers but I am also writing another book. This one is about the sciency questions I get asked and if there is any that makes you think "Why is that?" please email me and I will do my best to answer when I've worked it out.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for December.
2nd of December 1942 ~The Manhattan Project, the first working nuclear pile or reactor, Chicago
5th of December 1893 ~ First electric car
12th Of December 1901 ~ Marconi receives the first radio transmission across the Atlantic
21st of December 1968 ~ Apollo 8 goes to the Moon. the first people to go round, they did not land but they got a great view.
24th of December 1906 ~ First transmission of voice and music by radio, Reginald Fessenden.

Make your plants a project.
Measure your plants, how tall they are how many leaves that sort of thing.
Cacti are great for this as you can measure the height and girth fairly easily.
Once a week might be a tad to often but month will work well and then over time you will build up a data set that can be used for investigations.
I admit I do this myself with some of my plants and it is quite fascinating.
I have had some of them come into flower on the same day for several years now.
It also makes you look at them and you can check your little green friends are happy.
Health and safetySome plants can be poisonous and cacti can be spiky.

A good idea
Make a rainbow. All you need is a bright light and a jam jar of water. Arrange the light so that it shines through a slit in a bit of card and then through the jar. Hey presto, a rainbow.
A Web site worth a visit
NORADs Santa Tracker. Where you can use the US of A's missile tracking system to see how the old guy in red and white is doing.

If you are stuck for resources you could try Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

It is also courtesy of the US of A but there are loads of free things!!!