Doodle Science - November 2012

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A little something for Hallowe'en. Not human, a cave bear paw. Ursus spelaeus, from Mixnitz in Austria and dating to the Devensian of the Pleistocene, so about from the last bit of the last ice age which ended about 12,500 years ago. Compared to many of my fossils this is a new one, but I still like it. I have a couple of pieces of cave bear and if I manage to get enough I might even be able to put one back together.
Some of the best questions I've been asked lately include
"Can you freeze fire?" No 'fraid not.
"How do our bodies work?" Tricky to explain to a year one but I had a go.
"Why do we have brains?" Some times I wonder too.
Great Dates in Sci and Tech for November

8th of November 1895 ~ Rontgen discovers X-rays.
13th of November 1971 ~Marina 9 goes into orbit around Mars, the first space craft to orbit another planet
20th of November 1905 ~ Einstein publishes the paper that leads to the most famous equation in science, E = mc²
21st of November 1859 ~ Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" goes on sale in London
24th of November 1969 ~ Apollo 12 splashes down in the Pacific having taken the second mission to the Moon.
25th of November 1867 ~ Nobel patents dynamite
28th of November 1520 ~ Magellan and the crews of his three ships become the first Europeans to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans
Something to try. Eggciting

Take two fresh eggs. Place them in a jar of vinegar.
Over the next few days the shells will dissolve and you will be left with just the membrane around the whites and yolks.
So much, so much of a surprise.
Now for the clever bit, the one and put it into pure clean water, tap water will do and the other into water that you have dissolved as much sugar as it can take into. Over the next few days the one in just water will expand as the contents of the egg absorb water through osmosis and it will get considerably larger. the one in the sugar will have the opposite happen as water moves into the sugar solution and it will shrink. A nice one to set up an watch.
Health and safety: Don't eat the eggs, or drink the solutions and remember to wash your hands.
Well worth looking at the Biology Olympiad
and Why the night is dark? a nice video