Doodle Science - November 2014

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3d printer rocket 3d printer saucer
My first two 3D printed design and prints. Much to my amazement I designed these on a simple cad system, then I printed them, if I can do it so can anyone. Now I'm working on a moving robot. And yes you can see the wire on the saucer, but the craft glows in the dark.

Remember STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too and I have maths shows.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for November

1st of November 1520~ Magellan enters the straits named after him on the voyage to circumnavigate the world. On the 28th he enters the Pacific. He did not survive the trip but some of his sailors did
5th of November 1743~ First coordinated observation of the transit of Mercury, the rocket science of its day.
8th of November 1895 ~ Rontgen Discovers X rays while looking for something else.
13th of November 1971 ~ Mariner 9 goes into orbit around Mars, the first space craft to orbit another planet
20th of November 1905 ~ Einstein publishes the paper that leads to the most famous equation in science, E = mc2, it took a while for people to notice.
21st of November 1859 ~ Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" goes on sale in London and sells out quickly
24th of November 1969 ~ Apollo 12 splashes down in the Pacific having taken the second men to the Moon.
25th of November 1867 ~ Nobel patents Dynamite and makes his fortune
30th of November 1934 ~ The Flying Scotsman becomes the first official 100mph Steam Locomotive
Something to try. Speed of freezing?
Speed of freezing In identical ice cube trays put cold water in one and hot water in the other. When placed next to each other in the freezer which will freeze first. The answer rather surprisingly is the hot water. There are several theories about why but as yet it is an unknown of the universe.

Well worth a look. Best Biology Photos of the Year

Stem directories grant scheme. You can get a grant to get me in.

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