Doodle Science - October 2013

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Geissler tube

This thing is a Geissler tube, the great grand daddy of the fluorescent tube, it is made of glass and has had most of the air pumped out. Then when high voltage electricity is passed through t it glows. The violet is from the gas discharge of the air but the green is caused by something called vaseline or uranium glass. It is not radioactive ( well not very) but it was all the rage 100 years ago. When you shine uv light at it it gives off an eerie green glow. You can still find bits and bobs of it in charity shops, vases sweety plates and the like. Remember STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too and I have maths shows.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for October

1st of October 1969 ~ Concorde first broke the sound barrier
2nd of October 1925~ John Logie Baird starts testing a working TV
4th of October 1957 ~ Sputnik is launched starting the space race
4th of October 2004 ~ Space Ship 1 wins the Ansari X prize as the first private spacecraft.
6th of October 1995 ~ 51 Pegasi is discovered, the first planet found that does not orbit the Sun
9th of October 1992 ~ About 13 Kg of the Peekskill meteorite destroys a 1980 Chevrolet in New York State.

Something to try. Envelope light!!.

Self adhesive envelopes are not the most exciting thing in the world, but they can make light. I do not mean when you set fire to them, I mean when you open them. It sounds bizarre but it is true, get your eyes used to the dark ad then peel the envelope open and (assuming you have the right type) you should see a glow!!. It has got to do with the wonder of tribololuminesence

Something interesting on the web

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