Doodle Science - October 2014

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Birds in the mist

Ducks in the Mist. Well, actually, one on the raft is, most of the rest are black headed gulls and the one on the buoy is a cormorant, but the ones in the fore of the shot are great crested grebes, a wonderful bird that dances with each other, has stripy chicks that they carry on the their backs and that was almost made extinct by the Victorians for their feathers, ladies had them in hats. Luckily people noticed and formed an association that became the RSPB. Now they are back. Remember STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths too and I have maths shows.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for October

1st of October 1969 ~ Concorde first broke the sound barrier
2nd of October 1925~ John Logie Baird starts testing a working TV
4th of October 1957 ~ Sputnik is launched starting the space race
4th of October 2004 ~ Space Ship 1 wins the Ansari X prize as the first private spacecraft.
6th of October 1995 ~ 51 Pegasi is discovered, the first planet found that does not orbit the Sun
9th of October 1992 ~ About 13 Kg of the Peekskill meteorite destroys a 1980 Chevrolet in New York State.

Something to try. Colouring leaves.

Colouring leaves. It's autumn, the nights are drawing in a pace and it will soon be Christmas. In the mean time, look at the colouring of the leaves, different species time there response to the changes in the season if differing ways, some are controlled by day length and some by changes in temperature, so see what happens. The colour changes are cause by the plant with drawing useful chemicals from the leaves, and to some extent putting waste material into the leaves to get rid of it. Not to take the shine off the beautiful thing that leaf change can be but to some extent it is the trees going to the loo. Photos taken over a course of days are good, simple time lapse, just remember to stand in the same place.

Something interesting on the web A stunning under sea creature caught on video.

Explore your universe, does what it says in the title.

If you have not looked make sure to check out NASA's picture of the day

A whole load of primary resources.

and here is some secondary stuff thanks to Becta and the ASE