Doodle Science - September 2010

Circulated to schools, organisations and individuals - covering primary science and related bits and bobs.

Fantasic stalagmites and stalagtites

I was lucky enough get this picture in a cave in Belgium (Yes, they do have caves) Grottes des Hotton in the Ardennes was only discovered a few years ago and so has not had all the good stalagmites and tites stolen.

As well as continuing to deliver Science shows, workshops and CPD for teachers I have recently been asked for primary science maths shows and activities for a new show I am calling
"Maths...Honest" if there is any thing you think you might like to see let me know.

Great Dates in Sci and Tech for the first month of term.

1st of October 1969 ~ Concorde first broke the sound barrier
4th of October 1957 ~ Sputnik is launched starting the space race
4th of October 2004 ~ Space Ship 1 wins the Ansari X prize as the first private spacecraft.
6th of October 1995 ~ 51 Pegasi is discovered, the first planet found that does not orbit the Sun
17th of October 1933 ~ Einstein leaves Nazi Germany and moves to the USA.

Something to try.

For this you will need a balloon and an empty fizzy drinks can.
Charge the balloon by rubbing it on your hair. Then put the can on the table so it can roll along. When you put the balloon near the can it will be pulled to it and roll along. It looks almost like magic but is caused by the static electric attraction of the charged balloon to the can.

Health and safety : The charge on the balloon is very low.

A good idea

Try to think of something you eat that has nothing to do with plants. All our food comes from them, maybe second hand but all our food chains start with plants.

Web sites worth a visit.

Olympus BioScapes microsope images

If you are stuck for resources you could try
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