Carnivorous Plants

There are many different types of carnivorous plants, I do not grow all of them but I do have quite a few.

The Sarracenias


These all come from the Americas, in the north there are the generas Sarracenia and Darlingtonia, in the south Heliamphora. The greenhouse is home to most of them with only the Heliamphora enjoying the conservatory.

The Nepenthes

The tropical pitchers, the largest carnivore is a member of this group. I do not have the largest but some of mine are pretty big.

Nepenthes x mixta maxima

Dionea, the Venus Flytrap

The carnivorous plant that everybody thinks of. Not large but amazing.


Drosera, the Sundews

Large group with many beautiful if often small members, the classic sticky trap.

drosera multifida

Snotty Pine, Drosophylum Lusitanicum

The only member of its genus and for long thought to be a sundew but it is different, growing in seasonally dry slopes it is easy to geminate but can never be repotted because of its hatred of root disturbance. One of the plants that Darwin studied.

Drosophylum Lusitanicum

Cephalotus folicularis,

Coming from Albany in Australia, a small plant with exquisite traps. Likes a drier winter.

cephalotus folicularis

Pinguiculas, the Butterworts

I only have a couple of these, but I'm on the look out for more.


Utricularias, the Bladderworts

The largest family of carnivores and with the smallest traps, interesting and with some very good flowers.

utricularia longifolia