Sarracenias and related

The Sarracenias are the American Pitcher plants. I have most of the species and some hybrids too. Mostly I have them in a green house but I have been experimenting with growing out side as well

The Saracenias

Sarracenia alata flower Sarracenia alata Sarracenia alata veined Sarracenia Brooks hybrid flowers Sarracenia Brooks hybrid sarracenia flava maxima sarracenia harpurii sarracenia oreophila sarracenia x juthajip soper sarracenia purpurea sarracenia psittacina sarracenia leucophyllum sarracenia flava and fly


Darlingtonia californica
The Cobra lily. Closely related to the sarracenias but from the west coast of the USA darlintonia californica
. So far I only have one of these, Heliamphora hetrodoxa x nutans. The genus comes from the lost world of the Tepuis in South America Heliamphora hetrodoxa x nutans