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welcome to the index bit of my site about plants.

I have a large collection of unusual plants with a lot of interesting adaptations. I will be being putting up pictures as I get them and more info when I have a chance.

The Conditions

The outside, normal conditions for the south coast of England, so it can vary a bit.


The Conservatory, Jungle

I aim for 10 C minimum, temperatures in the summer can soar and the vents need to be opened. Humidity is kept to a maximum, as the air cools condensation can form which can cause problems but the air plants and many of the orchids seem to enjoy it. Heating and air circulation are provided by an electric fan. The roof angle tilts up to the south, an idea that my wife had, which helps ventilation and means some of the excess summer sun is reflected. From March to September I provide shading with greenhouse whitewash. It is double glazed for economy.


The Greenhouse, desert and marsh.

The Greenhouse, essential for most non hardy plants, temperatures in the summer can get into the 30c but has automatic vents and in the winter I keep it frost free using an electric fan heater. I used to use paraffin but the last couple of years the quality of the fuel has gone downhill and I got fed up with soot on the plants. To improve economy I use bubble wrap in the winter to keep it warmer. It is aligned east west.

Poly tunnel

The polytunnel, arranged north south is mainly used for vegetables and for over wintering tender plants. No heating. Science is very important.

The porch

The Porch of the house, north facing, unheated and many succulents seem to love it.

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