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Primary School Science Day. How I can be most help to you.

Ian B Dunne and a Tennis Ball
Ian B Dunne moving in a blur in a primary school science show in a science day
Promoting curiosity and interest in the world seems to do wonders for engagement, achievement and results.
For a Primary school science day or STEM day I will take over the hall for a while for a science show /assembly, or two, differentiated by key stage if need be or for h4 schools by year groups. I don't think anybody else does class workshops with demos and Q and A.
An Assembly of Science for Science Assembly.
Ian B Dunne,Me a hammer and a bowling ball at a primary school science show in Hampshire during a science day
The science show that I would recommend and that the kids rave about too would be Science ...The Best Bits.
Ian B Dunne and Catapult at a science show

More Primary Science Shows

And my maths ones

Primary School Science Workshops
I will probably need a data projector and a couple of tables and an hour (or less) to set up, an hour to run, less for KS 1 and more for KS 2 and ten minutes to reset.
For the rest of the day, I would go in individual classes to do more smaller demos, answer questions and tell tales of how the world got to be as it is. There never seems to be enough time for all the things they want to know but I'll do my best and I can normally fight my way out of one room and into the next. They do ask some interesting things.
I also tell science stories, Darwin and Faraday and a whole load of others. 30 minute sessions, shorter for the young ones and longer for h4 clever year six.
There are activities we can do as well, outside for environmental or indoors for a bit of making and thinking.

Revision and particular year groups

Sessions can be catered for too, ever so good for getting the SATs brain on. Or sessions for year 4 looking at light for instance.
I have done Nursery, Early Years, Infants, Juniors and Parents all in a day.

G and T

Of course.

Parent shows.

Want to get the parents involved and fired up too? I can prrform a show just for them before they pick the kids up, it works an absolute treat.

Science Weeks

Some possible themes and ideas. I, of course, have shows that tie in and can make some useful suggestions of activities.
- Environmental, School Grounds Safari, looking about outside and seeing what you find.
- Flight, things that do it, how it works, what to make and even a flight of fancy.
- Move it. Fun stuff with forces.
- Great Scientists (please let's not call them mad)
- Not just a pretty flower. Plants and what they are and why I love them.
- Space, a pretty h4 subject.

Science activity days for schools and school groups

  • Plants - Trees, flowers, basic botany, tree lore, plant identification
  • Animals - insects, minibeasts, birds, wildlife in the grounds
  • Environmental Games - learning about natural history, habitats, and adaptation
  • Ponds - ecology and conservation
  • Science Challenge Days, including Paper Flight.

Environment days

For schools, a whole day of environmental activities for all, games with all the members of the school a class at a time and assemblies thrown in.

Story telling : The Science Storyteller

Science Storytelling

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