Primary school science workshops and shows, Think Like a Scientist

It is all about getting the kids to think like a scientist, not just making sure it is a fair test, but why did that happen? What is going on?

Provokes curiosity and improves attitude to learning and the world around them.

My Science Workshops for primary schools are often much cozier events than my science shows. I work with smaller groups, a year group, a class at a time.

I offer science workshops for Primary Schools for all the different year groups, KS1 and KS2.

Covering the bits of the curriculum that can be a bit more daunting to learn, and to teach.

Typically the day will start with a 30 min presentation to the whole year group followed by hour(ish) workshop sessions with classes depending on how many there are.

There will more than likely be some pretty pictures, artifacts, activities and demonstrations delving into the nitty gritty of the subject.

After the science workshops we can all come back together to round off the day.

Pretty Lights

Particular Subjects for Primary Science Workshops include

Forces, great for year 3

Light, so is this one

Electricity, year 4 or 6


Space and our place in it, Earth and space, year 5

Sound, year 4

Plants, lots of year groups

Adaptations, and this one

Rocks, year 3

And a whole load more too, if what you want is not on the list, just ask. If you are stuck on how to get going or liven things up, let me know.

They can be tweaked and changed to cover different year groups too and if needs be I can mix and match.

Primary School Science shows including Science...the Best Bits

Primary School Science days

Primary School Maths shows

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