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My Science stories are about some of the great and the good (and bad)
who have discovered things, made things, invented things or just had great ideas.

Schools have been known to get me in for their book weeks, either for a simple bit of story telling or some science and storying. There are stories about everything and for everybody.
Pick a subject, go on, just about anything, and there will be a story about it, and with luck I might even know it.
Not just science, and stars, rocks, trees and dinosaurs but people and even things that strictly speaking might not exist.
If the worst comes to the worst I might even make some thing up and see if you can spot the joins.

Storying is the oldest form of drama and entertainment.
People often think it is just for kids but that goes to show how wrong people can be.
I have made people twice my age jump and laugh.
Maybe it goes back a million years or more to our ancestors who first learned to talk sitting round the fire telling tales to fill the long nights and keep the ravenous creatures of the dark away from their dreams, who can say for sure.
But I know that deep down we all love a tale.

Moral tales, why such and such is so and so, history, stories of fairies and giants, there are just so many.
Best of all I like a good bit of mirth and nonsense.
There is something to tell everybody that will, amuse, entertain and maybe even educate them a little.

As a good Scientist and Educator I have been told off for doing most unscientific ghost stories and tales of the supernatural, but, I just can't resist them.

The look of fear and wonder on people's - especially adults - faces, the jump of shock and the nervous laugh are so worth it

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