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Often for me in primary schools, after a show or two I normally go into classes and show more smaller demos and some cracking specimens, I also get asked a lot of wonderful questions and do some science storytelling. and I can normally answer them

Some of the best include.
Tesla sparks

What does your liver do?

Are Aliens real?

How do people come about?

What would happen if you fell in a black hole?

Venus fly trap

What is a flame?

How do volcanoes work?

Is there science in everything?

Do you know how to blow stuff up?

Rutilated Quartz

How can I make my brother disappear?

What is your favorite experiment?

How is lightning made?

On one teacher training course one teacher asked "What is the Universe made of?" and then the next asked me how to get rid of mold in the bathroom?! aske andaMasea

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