Tibbles CatDroid, or Tibbles the Destoyer


Arduino brain in a 3d printed Skeleton
Tibbles Portrait Ian B Dunne Science shows Tibbles CatDroid is an electromechanical automaton. He and Hugi have very similar nervous systems, maybe that is why they get on so well. An Arduino Mega that handles all the sensor inputs and movements and an Arduino Uno running an Adafruit sound board for his wonderful yowling lovely singing voice. Servos, voltage regulators LEDs and several switches together with a 3D printed skeleton.
The Name; Tibbles is named after one of the most noteworthy cats ever. Between the North and the South Island of New Zealaind is a little place called Stevens Island. It was going pretty well for the birds that lived there until 1894 when a light house was built on it and David Lyall, assistant light house keeper and keen birder moved there with his cat Tibbles. The cat could not believe his luck and the birds could not beleive what hit them.

The flightless Stevens Island Wren was wiped out. There is a fair chance the Tibbles was not the only cat on the island but he seems to have been the only cat to present his owner with gifts. The bird was only seen alive by human eyes once, in the dusk jumping and tweeting in the long grass.

A video of Tibbles and Hugi having a chat, honest they are setting each other off and replying, I wonder what they say?

Some early drawings

Tibbles the CatDroid, drawing, Ian B Dunne Tibbles the CatDroid, drawing2, Ian B Dunne

Under the Fur

Tibbles the CatDroid, inside, Ian B Dunne Tibbles the CatDroid, inside2, Ian B Dunne Tibbles the CatDroid, The works, Ian B Dunne

Tibbles The CatDroid, Ian B Dunne, Science shows
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