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Here's what Roo the blogger said about my efforts "This show was my favourite part of the day! It was really funny." a link to her post about an event, pictures too.

J.B. Hi. Little story for you that I think you may like. My daughter (9 years) listened to your lecture @ the science festival Canterbury. Anyway, first day back at school today and teacher asks where do foxes live, kids shout out answer, and rabbits and polar bears and so on... then she asks where do dinosaurs live? Class goes silent, C. shouts "in the Trees". C. explains to the teacher the link you explained which has earned C. 1 house point!!! Teacher had to double check facts on Google. Teacher looked v shocked! C. says Thanks!

@IanBDunne @BrighthelmURC it was a lot of fun and my kids and I loved it. Well done and thank you.

Saw you in Canterbury today. Love your show - you make the kids and grown up kids laugh too. Always entertaining, informative and FUN. Worth the ticket price alone!

The children I talked to enjoyed your humour and were describing the Van de Graaff generator and discussing static electricity - the balloon has certainly stuck in their memory. Apparently, Year 4 took out lots of science books from the library on Friday afternoon! Our site officer said that he also enjoyed the shows he visited and that children were engaged.
J.B. Coventry
Fantastic Entertaining science show.
M.W. Hampshire
What an Inspiring Science Show, the best I've seen.
S.C. Hertfordshire
A bargain at twice the price
J.B. Hampshire
The boys absolutely loved the day. Of course I will spread the word.
S.S. Croydon
Thanks for this and it was great to have you at the Festival.  We really enjoyed the shows and the audience all seemed very happy so that’s what counts.
A.C. Kent
Thank you very much for visiting us, the children and parents loved it.
J.H. Dorset
The feedback from the children was excellent
D.N. Wigan
Thank you for a wonderfull day. The pupils really enjoyed themselves, they are even talking about it today. It is something they will never forget! Thank you for the magic day.
J.N. Wandsworth
There was very definitely a special feeling of awe and wonder around the school
O.D. Sussex
Thanks again Ian. Great to see you, the staff and children loved it!
N.F. Surrey
My favourite bit was the fire and the vandergraph generator.
E. (year 3, Kent)
thank you for making learning fun and teaching us weird and wonderfull things.
E. (year 4, Hampshire)
I loved the hole thing can't wate for you to come back.
T. (year 2, London)

Some quotes

From a satisfied Headteacher " I just love that the children can ask you any question and you come up with an answer."

From a head of science in a trying secondary school I would like to personally say how impressed I was by how inspiring you were to all year groups - the feedback from some surprising pupils was excellent!

An A Level Physics day"Very entertaining!" - "Great way to end the day" - " Interesting, interactive and amusing!" - "Engaged students from the start. A good performer." "Very entertaining" - "EXCELLENT" - " Very enjoyable, great end to the day" - "Brilliant"
this one I liked
"The essence of scientific excitement"
and this
"The BBC need you"

Various events

"You should be a comedian, coz that was funnier than what I've seen on the telly."
"The only thing that would make the day better would be to have next year booked already"(teacher)
"The only thing I would change would be a plastic cover on my clip board to keep the rain off"(teacher in an INSET day)
"That's amazing!!" (pupil)
"It's lunch time already and we haven't had to do any work yet" (pupil)
(that's what he thought)
"I never knew science could be so interesting" and "WOW"
lots of people

I could go on but modesty forbids...........Oh all right then
"Ian B Dunne is brilliant"
"That was lovely"
"I just wish we had you when I was at school"
"Ian Dunne ROCKS"
I have had people come back again and again and had kids bunk off other lessons to see my shows a second time.
Playing truant to see a science show?
A school emailed me recently to tell me that one of their sponsors was in the audience for a talk and was so impressed they wrote a cheque to buy more equipment on the spot!

That is definitely enough......for now.

Finalist in Radio 4's Wildbrain of Britain 3 Times
Winner of Southampton in Bloom's Garden of Special botanical interest trophy


There are so many I have been asked and generally I can come up with answers that don't leave them feeling cheated or even thinking "What a h4 head!"
Here are some of my faves, such gems as "Do you know my Grandad?" "Where do Babies come from?" can be interspersed with "Why does the Moon seem to follow you when you are driving?”
"What causes Earthquakes?"
"Are All Stars hot?"
"What is electricity?"
"What is fire?"
"How come you don't fall off in Australia?"
"How do you make people?"
"How h4 was the h4gest dinosaur?"
"What is sciencey about trees?"

Oh, I could go on for hours but this may be the most surreal.
Y5 “What is that wiggly line you see at night?”
Me “Where?”
Y5 “In the sky.”
Me “Really?”
Y5 “ Oh I remember, it's music.”

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