Great Scientists . . . . . .

Great Scientists . . . . . .

Thave been so many great Scientists it is hard to know where to start, well for me at least it has to be Galileo, but after him a few names to throw into the ring must be Newton, Darwin, Faraday, Franklin an a whole host of others right up to now and of course the members of the audience. This show covers not only what they did but a few of the more tantalizing details about their lives, Newton and the cat flap or Darwin and the Earthworm.

A science show for everyone and a good one for people that have already seen one of my others.

Primary version, secondary and general public versions.



Curriculum links

Living things and their habitats
Evolution and inheritance
Seasonal changes, Earth in Space
Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding
The nature, processes and methods of science

Depending on the venue this may well feature large sparks.
Runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten mins or so to reset. Apart from a data projector and a couple of tables there is little else needed.