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Kit and Caboodle

 I have a huge range of Kit and Caboodle, technical, amazing or just plane interesting bits of kit. Here is a snippet of just some of these great things, I don’t use them all the shows but… Information and advice about some of my Scientific Equipment and some other things too. If you want to get the best from your van der Graaff or how to set up a Wimshurst machine please read on. Even glow in the dark things.

I have lots of toys, and here is a little about some of them, but there are many more, it depends what show I am doing. 

Hugi, the Robot Raven
Hugi, the RoboRaven
Van de Graaff and a volunteer, Science Show
Van de Graaff Generator

Van de Graaff generator

With out doubt one of my favorites and something I have learnt to play like no one else.

Ian B Dunne Tesla at a secondary school science show
Tesla Coils
Electric Arcs
Other Electrical Kit