Olympic Science

Olympic Science

The science of Olympic Sports past present and future!

As with all my shows it runs for about an hour depending on time available, has demonstrations and some audience participation.
Covering as many aspects of science as possible and how they relate to the Olympics and sport.
So there will be something that appeals to just about everybody while also getting “fun” science in. Forces and how they are involved in some of the events will be the main focus, senses, sports psychology, a bit of history, depending on the audience I’ve also got some material on cheating and healthy eating I can cram in.

Curriculum links

Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding
The nature, processes and methods of science

As with all my shows I will play for laughs, not in a slapstick way but a bit more intelligently.
As for age groups I can tweak it for just about any from 4 to 104.
As with most of my shows I will need a data projector to show pretty pictures (I have found some real corkers).