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Preserving the Planet

I got asked to talk about this and realized what a rich and wonderful load of material there is in Preserving the Planet.

Where We Are, When We Are and What We Are.
A show for putting things in perspective.
This is the best synthesis of the scientific evidence of what me know about what is going on.
Covering deep time and how slowly things can change and just how big the place we live is. It might seem like a daft title, after all the Planet Earth will keep going round and round the Sun until eventually that great fiery ball will run out of fuel and inflate like a big hot balloon. But that is not for ages so there’s no need to worry about it, certainly no point in all is using it for an excuse not to tidy under the sink.
Evolution, both cosmological and biological, how we got here and quite where we are in the great and wonderful scheme of things. What can the future hold?
Environmental change, risks, the distant fate of the Earth .
With some cool tech where possible to show just how clever we can be.
This seems to work with everybody, at a festival, science or any other sort. Promoting sustainability.