Science Magic...Magic Science, Science Show Extra-ordinaire

Science Magic...Magic Science, Science

Reckoned by many the best science show seen. Is it Magic Science…Science Magic? Or Science Magic…Magic Science? I’m sure it’s Science,with a lot of demos and laughs. Some of my most entertaining stand up science in a science show and not just for the audience but also for me. This is one of my favorite science shows to do. Not only because I get to play with my favorite toys, do my bestist demos but the look on the faces of the audiences and the noises they make. Always evolving and featuring new demos and toys, my singing tesla coil for instance.

The picture does not have a fez in it but, trust me I have one, don’t always wear it but….

Ani the animatronic skull in Science Magic...Magic Science, Ian B Dunne

There are others that do a show with a similar title, but I’ve got a lot more toys and I know how to use them and I am sure mine is the funniest.  

I can describe the show or you can watch a video excerpt of Science Magic…Magic Science on my 

videos page to give you a flavour.

There are a whole lot of Science demonstrations that have been used for 

conjuring tricks through the ages, or just plane look like magic.

From Robert-Houdin’s use of electromagnetism and M.D. Bodie’s frightening tricks with static to the more simple but still effective  rope restored; they can all be used to demonstrate some principle or other, 

if only of looking in the right place at the right time. 

This science show has mystery, suspense and laughs. 

This is the ideal science show for secondary school audiences both KS3 and KS4, or if the new intake are coming for a visit and works an absolute treat for for an evening show. This is the science show for mixed “Science Festival”; type audiences.


Curriculum links

Electricity, static and current





Chemical reactions, acids, bases, combustion,


I am constantly finding new tricks and toys so the talk is significantly different year on year. Very useful if you have an annual event !

I have had kids coming back to see it three times in a day, I have had science departments wanting to steal my toys and school sponsors giving them cash to buy new kit. I have even had kids (and teacher) bunking off lessons to see it twice, I’m sure that is a good thing.

It is good for revision or inspiration, dealing with a forces, electricity, sound, chemical reactions, aspects of technology, observational skills and allsorts.

This science show runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten mins or so to reset. Apart from a couple of tables there is little else needed. Well, an audience would be nice!


Science Magic…Magic Science. The Science Magic show for schools and all. Ian B Dunne, Do Science Ltd