Secondary School Science Shows

Secondary School Science Shows

There is nothing like secondary school science shows, the audience can be amazing. With more than a fair chance actually enjoying some science performance. I get their attention in the first minutes and do not let it go for an hour.

Stand Up Science for all.

As a trained (and qualified) teacher and scientist I am able to ensure that your pupils will learn while being entertained and want to engage with science learning in the future.
By assisting learning and good teaching, by challenging and supporting to improve outcomes and making a positive attitude the children will be ready to learn.

Curriculum linked

I can perform lots of demos that the science department either don’t have time for, or do not have the Kit for.
Amusing, educational and inspirational, are words I like to use and other people use them too.
I will normally perform 4 or more shows in a day,to a year group at a time, each session running for about an hour, so getting to a lot of audience in a day is easy. A couple of tables, an electric socket, a jug of water and maybe a data projector is all I need.

A lot of secondary schools get me to do shows for their incoming primary schools or the newly attending year 7s to get them going.

National Science week Book now to avoid disappointment.

Secondary School Science Shows

Science Magic...Magic Science Show Secondary School Science Shows

Science Magic...Magic Science

Catapults Great Moments of Science show Secondary School Science Shows

Great Moments of Science

Tesla coil at a science show, Ian B Dunne Secondary School Science Shows

Great Inventors

Think Like a Scientist

Think Like a Scientist

Venus Fly Trap Evolution Adaptation Darwin and that

Evolution, Darwin and that

Fizz, Pop, Think, Science Show, Ian B Dunne

Fizz, Pop, Think

Maths, Show, Ian B Dunne

Maths Puerile and Appalled

On The Fringes of Science, Ian B Dunne, Science Show

On The Fringes of Science

Secondary School Science Shows, Other Shows

Preserving the Planet                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Great Scientists
Great Inventors
Not Just a Pretty flower
Dino Day
The Condensed History of the Universe
The nearest thing to real magic….Electricity
Olympic and Sports
Christmas Shows

but there are more, ask for your preferred topic.


Curriculum linked

Whatever your Key stage, I am just what you need for your science week or National Science week.

Each Presentation is unique…

well except they all work a treat. The content can change depending on the age range and mix of the audience.
Generally shows are about an hour long, Faraday said that’s enough for anybody. They can be tailored to fit, and, when needs be, I can talk very fast.



All of my shows can be tweaked for any age group, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and work well with mixed public / family audiences, but some are naturally broader than others. I do not make a science show to link directly to the National Curriculum but they most certainly support it or any other structured learning program I’ve found – it is more fun for pupils and teachers to see the breadth of science. I can tailor them to the subjects you want. Not long ago I was asked to get in as many penguins as possible, by a teacher who had seem me before and really likes those flightless swimming examples of natural selection.

A Day

Three or more maths or science shows in one day at a school is not unusual and all for the same day rate fee.  Give me some tables, electricity, a jug of water and sometimes access to a data projector to show pretty pictures, oh and an audience and I’ll give you a show and give the audience back to you turned on to science.
Science demonstrations, engagement, learning and laughs are what I seek to bring.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the Maths and Science Shows I can offer to your school, festival or organisation. Be it a science festival or any sort of festival, I have even played Glastonbury.

The Robots and things I've made, that I might bring with me to help.

I am proud to be a science performer, the demonstrations I use and the shows I present are made to inspire and educate, But they are more than that; engaging, amusing and interactive.
The School science show
Science assemblies a speciality
Out standing science shows of Stand Up Science. Science festivals catered for.

The children I talked to enjoyed your humour and were describing the Van de Graaff generator and discussing static electricity - the balloon has certainly stuck in their memory. Apparently, Year 4 took out lots of science books from the library on Friday afternoon! Our site officer said that he also enjoyed the shows he visited and that children were engaged.