The Condensed History of the Universe

The Condensed History of the Universe

The Condensed History of the Universe, a science show that covers all time and space.
The Science creation story.
One of the most satisfying shows I do.
From the Bang to Now in next to No time
The Bang, first light and the formation of the chemical elements.
The building of stars, where the Earth came from and the origin of life right up to the modern day passing through dinosaurs, mass extinctions, human evolution and the invention of cooking.

All in under an hour and accompanied by very pretty pictures and fascinating specimens from across time and space.

I have done this show for all ages, from infants who go aaaah at the pretty pictures to more mature people who do their best not to let their jaws hit the floor.
This is a story we should all know and be inspired by.
Can be suited to all age groups and is an excellent evening talk.


Curriculum links

Living things and their habitats
Space science
Rocks and geology
Evolution and inheritance
Seasonal changes, Earth in Space
Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding
The nature, processes and methods of sciences pupils