Think like a Scientist

Think like a Scientist

A science show for KS2 and 3, Think like a Scientist. looking at how scientists think and what some of the great minds have discovered. Ranging from Galeleo and forces through to Darwin and beyond, a show that has great pictures and wonderful demonstrations intended to get the kids to realise that they too and find out something fantastic about the universe. Some of the greatest moments of scientific insight and how they came to light. Inspiring, engaging and amusing, the show will be presented by Ian B Dunne a seasoned performer, it will have interactivity, demonstrations, and laughs.

All in about an hour.

The Questions I get after this one are wonderful


Curriculum links

Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

The nature, processes and methods of science

Living things and their habitats







Earth and space


It is good for getting them to learn to think like a scientist, wonderful for improving attitudes, learning and results.

This science show runs for about and hour, needs and hour to set up and ten minutes or so to reset. Apart from a data projector and a couple of tables there is little else needed. Well, an audience would be nice!


Entertainment, Inspiration and a jolly good laugh.

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